Double Diamond Farms Celebrates Win at the 11th Annual Greenhouse Competition

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Mon. June 18th, 2018 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO - Drum roll, please! Ontario kicked off its 11th annual Greenhouse Competition at the Leamington Fair this past weekend, with honors awarded to companies across the region for their innovative and inspiring fresh produce items.

Continuing to climb the ranks within the competitive greenhouse industry, is Double Diamond Farms, whose program shines a light on the progressive and dynamic efforts of the category.

This year, the company took home winning accolades as the Best Hothouse Red Bell Pepper.

Chris Mastronardi, CEO, Double Diamond Farms“Innovation, flavor, and a passionate approach to the business are always at the forefront for us. Each year we build on our mission to continue to deliver premium, flavorful, hydroponically-grown produce to the North American market by responding to, and anticipating, our customers’ needs and the changing consumer landscape,” President and CEO, Chris Mastronardi, shares with me. “We are proud to accept this award as a testament to our mission and values here at Double Diamond Farms.”

This event is great for the industry, allowing companies to up their game with the opportunity to compete with category competition.

(L to R) Back row: Fernanda Albuquerque (Mucci Farms), Leona Neill and Costin Beliciu (Red Sun Farms), Graham Hamilton (Double Diamond). Middle Row: Corey Futko & Kiley Gray (Pure Flavor), Justine Chevalier & Melanie Mastronardi (SUNSET®). Kneeling in the front: Matt Quiring (NatureFresh), & Steve Stasko (Orangeline Produce)

“A little friendly competition also gives us the chance to determine how well we’re doing from a grower standpoint,” Marketing Specialist Graham Hamilton tells me. “We are always on the hunt to find the produce with the most flavor. And we want our branding to be a consistent reflection of the color and the flavor packed into our produce. It’s bright. It’s exciting. It’s unique.”

2018 has been a year of growth and new heights for Double Diamond Farms. With an eye on the horizon, I know that we are excited to see what the team brings to the table next.

Congrats, Double Diamond, on this year’s success!

Double Diamond Farms