Josh Leichter of Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms Talks Spring Sonoran PureHeart® Melon Season

Thu. February 9th, 2017
- by Jessica Donnel     

LOS ANGELES, CA - It’s measuring up to be a banner season from Sonora, Mexico this year. Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms is gearing up for expanded offerings of its coveted Organic PureHeart® melons this harvest, as well as once again pushing its unique PureHeart® personal watermelons.

Josh Leichter, General Manager at Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms“Volumes will be up on spring Organic PureHeart® melons this season. Overall volume of conventional PureHeart® melons will also be up, but for this season, we will be spread out over a longer selling window,” shared Josh Leichter, General Manager for Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms as we talk about what retailers can expect from the coming season. “Last season, we saw a more concentrated harvest period due to the El Niño weather phenomena.”

As we head out of February’s limited supplies, strong markets, and higher prices, Josh tells me that starting in mid-March, Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms will be well-prepared to support promotions with an influx of ample volumes of both conventionally- and organically-grown PureHeart® personal watermelons. So, why should retailers add these distinctive, flavor-forward melons to their spring promotions?

“PureHeart® mini watermelons are a positive sales contributor to the melon category. We address the demand of both the organic and conventional shopper with this program, who seek variety on their shopping lists as well as great flavor and quality,” Josh explains. “We offer a wide range of retail support for all of our melons based on the needs of the customer—everything from POS materials and in-store demos, to season-long contract pricing.”

Josh tells me that Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms will remain growing in Northern Mexico until mid-June, when the company makes its annual shift to Yuma, Arizona. There, the company will begin featuring its TuscanStyle™ cantaloupes and SunnyGold™ yellow personal melons.

AndNowUKnow plans to follow Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms through its full year of melon production and beyond, so keep watching as we give you the latest.

Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms