Cal-Organic Kicks Off Potato Season with New Red and Gold Potato Offerings

Fri. April 27th, 2018
- by Robert Schaulis     

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Cal-Organic farms is kicking off potato season with a fresh new crop of red and gold potatoes. The company announced that it is packing its first cases this week—with the first of its premium-quality potatoes slated to hit the market next week.

Bob Borda, Vice President of Organic Sales, Grimmway Farms“Cal-Organic ground is ideal for growing organic potatoes. Once we finish harvest in the desert, we’ll transition back to our Kern County growing region,” said Bob Borda, Vice President of Organic Sales. “Balancing our fresh potato program across these regions allows us to offer continuous supply over the next six months.”

According to a company press release, Cal-Organic—a division of Grimmway Farms—has been one of the first growers able to harvest potatoes this early in the season. The company also noted that it seeks optimal growing conditions to sustain supply through summer and into fall, migrating its crops to ensure consistent, premium quality throughout its season.

Cal-Organic Golden Potatoes

Cal-Organic currently offers organic red and gold potatoes in 2-, 3-, and 5-pound packs as well as 50-pound bulk cartons filled with A, B or C sized spuds. Potatoes from this new crop are already shipping across the U.S. and Canada—and are some of the first to market this year.

Starting mid-May and mid-June, respectively, Cal-Organic expects to add rainbow fingerling and classic russet potatoes to its seasonal lineup, with Organic fingerlings available in 1.5-pound mesh packs and organic russets for sale in 3- and 5-pound packs as well as 50-pound bulk cartons.

Cal-Organic also noted that its potato program is fully integrated with Grimmway’s carrot business, combining top quality with convenience for customers, and the company’s unique structure is designed to enable seamless ordering and single-stop loading.

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