Seald Sweet Ramps Up Mexico Grape Season, Welcomes Rob Anderholt as West Coast Divisional Sales Manager

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Fri. April 27th, 2018 - by Lillie Apostolos

VERO BEACH, FL - Here they are. Signed. Seald. Delivered. Seald Sweet’s Mexico-grown grapes can be yours! The company’s Mexico grape season is revving up and launching on April 30th, which is music to my ears like Stevie Wonder’s original tune.

Mayda Sotomayor, CEO, Seald Sweet“This Mexican harvest appears to have sufficient volumes giving us tremendous opportunity to supply our customer base with consistent promotable volume throughout the program,” said CEO Mayda Sotomayor. “Consumers love grapes, and we are pleased to be able to provide our retail partners with a high-quality, great-tasting product.”

In some areas, suppliers have been down in volume this season. Seald Sweet, ready for any occasion, has production stemming from various areas. According to a press release, it is primed and prepped for the season and not expecting much shortfall.

Seald Sweet Mexico vineyards

“Our growers are located in several areas throughout Mexico, so we will have product from beginning to end of this quickly moving deal,” explained Sotomayor. “We have some exciting new varieties that start early and go all the way to the end of the harvest.”

The Mexico grape season has become a crucial leg of business for the company’s grape program, which started out with 50,000 boxes in 2009 and has now grown by 1900 percent.

Seald Sweet red seedless grapes

Mexico is a cornerstone of our grape business, and we believe a great deal in it—enough to invest with growers in Mexico and in hiring a seasoned professional to oversee this business sector,” shared Sotomayor.

In addition to launching this season’s Mexico-grown grapes, the company also announced its hiring of Rob Anderholt as the West Coast Divisional Sales Manager. He brings 20+ years of experience working with the grape category; now, Anderholt will oversee the current season and future expansion of the company’s grape program.

Rob Anderholt, West Coast Divisional Sales Manager, Seald Sweet“Our customers can look forward to a terrific Mexican grape program because of our solid mix of colors as well as our quality growers,” expressed Anderholt. “We have a full team in-country to watch over the packing and ensure we have the proper quality throughout the season. Our early sweet grapes coming out of our ranches south of Hermosillo will be key. We should see a solid supply of these green grapes over the first three weeks of May.”

The company offers all colors—red, green, and black—with a good cross-section of varieties. This season, the company will market one of its new varieties, Early Sweets. More exciting yet, the company is also offering its first volume of organic Flames.

Seald Sweet green grapes

“Aside from our early grapes, customers can take advantage of our mix of all colors and our organic product coming out of the major growing areas,” said Anderholt. “Our growers have taken care to secure the right bunches on their vines to give us excellent quality.”

For more exciting produce news that will make you grape-ly excited about this season’s happenings and more, keep checking back with us at AndNowUKnow.

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