Albertsons and Vons Name New Members of the Post Merger Leadership Team

Tue. January 20th, 2015
- by Christofer Oberst     

PLEASANTON, CA & BOISE, ID - With Albertsons' merger with Safeway expected to close in the near future, sources tell us that the company has announced the names of its Assistant Sales Managers and Marketing team for the Southern California Albertsons/Vons go-forward company.

This news was headlined by a number of key produce industry personnel, such as:

  • Paul Anderson – Assistant Sales Manager, Produce: A 26 year veteran with Albertsons, Paul began his career with the company as a produce clerk. He rose through the ranks quickly, spending time as Produce Manager, Produce Ops Specialist, Merchandising Execution Manager, Assistant Category Manger, Sales & Merchandising Manager, and Floral Sales Manager before being named to his current position.
  • Rick Cruz – Assistant Sales Manager, Produce: A 35 year industry veteran, Rick has worked for Albertsons as a Produce Specialist, Pavilions Produce Merchandiser, Pavilions Sales Manager, Produce Field Merchandiser, relieve Category Buyer for GM/HABA, and Manager of Division Operations for Produce.
  • Jackie Jackson – Assistant Sales Manager, Produce: Jackie has worked for Albertsons for 23 years. She has served as Department Manager, Assistant Store Director, Store Director as well as Produce, Bakery, and HHB Operational Specialist during her time with the company.
  • Sheryl Salazar – Assistant Sales Manager, Produce: A 22 year veteran with the company, Sheryl has served in a variety of positions. These positions include Store Director, Operations Specialist, and Division Front End & Customer Satisfaction.
  • Pat Oneill – Assistant Sales Manager, Produce: After beginning his career with Lucky's 37 years ago as a courtesy clerk, Pat would go on to serve as Produce Manager for Lucky's and Albertsons' Produce Operational Specialist.

The rest of the members of the new Safeway/Albertsons team include:

  • Jerry Calvert - Assistant Sales Manager, Grocery
  • Cher Cech – Assistant Sales Manager, Grocery
  • Susan Covarrubias – Assistant Sales Manager, Grocery
  • Bryan Davis – Assistant Sales Manager, Grocery
  • Kathy Flores – Assistant Sales Manager, Grocery
  • Kevin Jackson – Assistant Sales Manager, Grocery
  • Scott Miller – Assistant Sales Manager, Grocery/Fuel
  • Miriam Welch – Assistant Sales Manager, Grocery
  • Amber Briggs – Assistant Sales Manager, Total Alcohol Beverage
  • Patrick Briones – Assistant Sales Manager, Total Alcohol Beverage
  • Henry Wong – Assistant Sales Manager, Total Alcohol Beverage
  • Don Hansen – Assistant Sales Manager, General Merchandise
  • John Harb – Assistant Sales Manager, General Merchandise
  • Linda Weaver – Assistant Sales Manager General Merchandise
  • Sadie Orozco-Assistant Sales Manager, Own Brands
  • Mark Angulo – Assistant Sales Manager, Meat and Seafood
  • Chris Brown – Assistant Sales Manager Meat Deli
  • Randy Roberts - Assistant Sales Manager Meat
  • Ray Santiago – Assistant Sales Manager, Meat
  • Gavin Schlesinger – Assistant Sales Manager, Meat
  • Freda Roussell – Assistant Sales Manager, Bakery
  • Roni Tharp – Assistant Sales Manager, Bakery
  • Diana Willman – Assistant Sales Manager, Bakery
  • Tamara Brunt- Assistant Sales Manager Service Deli
  • Essy Hormozian – Service Deli Assistant Sales Manager
  • Danelle Macias-Assistant Service Deli Sales Manager
  • Ron Fester – Reset Manager
  • Joseph Hoang - Marketing Analyst

News of the emerging Safeway/Albertsons leadership team has been in the headlines for months. Late last year, for instance, Safeway/Albertsons named the members of its Corporate and Regional teams in addition to the members of its executive leadership team.

Earlier this month, the members of Northern California Merchandising and Marketing Leadership Team were also announced, with Produce Sales Manager Robby Cruz and Bakery Sales Manager Jerry Decker being appointed to the team. 

As the combined company continues to take shape, more names are sure to follow. Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow.