Alexandra Rae Danell Joins Country Sweet Produce and the Bako Sweet Brand As Marketing Manager

Mon. March 9th, 2020 - by Jordan Okumura

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Country Sweet Produce has been on a growth trajectory to rival in recent years with the rising demand for the company’s innovative Bako Sweet portfolio setting the course. With such evolution comes growth across the team as well. The company is kicking off March by welcoming a new member to the family with Alexandra Rae Danell as Country Sweet Produce’s (CSP) new Marketing Manager.

Alexandra Rae Danell, Marketing Manager, Country Sweet Produce“I am excited to work with the team to elevate the Country Sweet Produce brand in the mind of consumers. My passion is to work on behalf of farmers to promote produce to consumers with the quality and excellence that this company is known for,” Alexandra shares with me as she reflects on joining the company. “The team is giving me that incredible opportunity. Everyone is excited about where we are headed and what is in store for us.”

Country Sweet Produce brings a diverse portfolio to customers as it raises the bar across the sweet potato category and more

There are a lot of new things happening at Country Sweet Produce and Alexandra is jumping in at the ground level with dynamic energy to drive the company’s vision forward.

Mike Valpredo, President, Country Sweet Produce“We are thrilled and grateful to have Alexandra join our amazing team at CSP. She brings such passion and drive—and we are at the stage of the game where having a concentrated focus on brand strategy is so critical,” Mike Valpredo, President, tells me. “There’s quite a bit happening around here right now so she’s hitting the ground running.”

From innovative organic products to the conventional staples that retailers demand, Bako Sweet responds with consistency and quality for every program

Alexandra grew up around farming in the Central Coast of California and discovered her passion for the produce industry while studying Agriculture Business at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. The up and comer worked for Grimmway Farms as its Southern California Sales and Merchandiser and then gained experience Marketing for a medical company.

During that time, Alexandra started a business she calls her passion project, Harvest Joy. Harvest Joy shares food and farm stories from the ground up through photography. Her passion is to connect the consumer and farmers through the content she creates.

Congrats, Alexandra on joining the innovative and dynamic company!

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