Amazon Reaches $1 Trillion Mark, Chances Increase for Its Arrival at $2 Trillion Mark Faster Than Other Companies

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Wed. September 5th, 2018 - by Robert Schaulis

SEATTLE, WA - Amazon’s successes keep barreling through competition. After much anticipation of the achievement, and as of Tuesday, the e-tailer giant has reached the $1 trillion mark, the second company ever to do so after Apple reached the high-water mark in the beginning of August.

Analysts are already throwing around their bets for whether or not Amazon will beat Apple to $2 trillion, or if one or both of the companies’ steam will run out after hitting their current successes.

Amazon's worth in early 2018 was only $580 Billion

According to CNN Money, Amazon’s web services have positioned the company for growth in non-core areas, including its foray into brick and mortar with its acquisition of Whole Foods.

Fox 61 shares that Amazon has grown at an exponential rate over the past few years—in the beginning of 2018, it was worth just $580 billion. The company’s net income shot up to $2.5 billion during the second quarter of 2018, a far cry from its $197 million in the second quarter of 2017.

How will Amazon’s continued growth strategies influence the rate at which it gains its $2 trillion badge? AndNowUKnow will keep you updated with the latest.