Angela Hernandez Discusses Trinity Fruit Company's New Big Honeys® Dekopon Mandarins

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Tue. March 30th, 2021 - by Chandler James

FRESNO, CA - In this industry, there is enough sweetness to keep the world going round. But there is no sweeter victory than that of adding a new product to your portfolio. Trinity Fruit Company is reminding us all how sweet it can be in the produce industry, recently introducing its new Big Honeys®-branded Dekopon mandarins.

Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Trinity Fruit Company“We are very excited to add this new item to our portfolio!” said Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing. “Big Honeys are what they sound like: they’re BIG in size, BUZZING with flavor, and have a distinctive skin and shape that makes them easy to peel, thus looking like a honey bell! We hope consumers enjoy this delicious piece of fruit as much as we have, from farming to getting it onto store shelves.”

The Dekopon variety is not new to the market, but it is new to Trinity and hit retail shelves under the grower's new Big Honeys brand. The variety became available in February, and supplies will last through April.

Trinity Fruit Company has announced the launch of its new Big Honeys®-branded Dekopon mandarins

“Consumers seem to be more attuned to healthy consumption and vitamin C intake,” Angela continued. “The great thing about this fruit is that one medium-sized Big Honeys mandarin can give consumers their daily vitamin C intake. We also love to give consumers other options of fruit to consume and experiment with!”

Not only will this variety bring diversity to shopping carts, but it will serve retailers with new opportunities to capture the attention of consumers in the produce aisle. The offering is an extension of Trinity’s already vast citrus lineup—a great addition to its specialty mandarin program, which only continues to grow.

As more products hit the fresh produce aisle, keep reading us here at ANUK.

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