Anthony Gallino Lands as Vice President at Bobalu Berries

Tue. December 3rd, 2019 - by Chandler James

OXNARD, CA - I like to think of the industry as one giant puzzle. Each piece is just as essential as the next, and many are represented by key players at the executive level. Industry veteran Anthony Gallino is a puzzle piece with stark edges, and has recently been incorporated into the proverbial puzzle that is Bobalu Berries. Gallino will be the company’s first Vice President of Sales in its 61-year history. This step is the first of many to come as Bobalu is now well positioned as a grower, shipper, and processor of fresh berries.

Anthony Gallino, Vice President of Sales, Bobalu Berries“I feel like I am coming home,” said Gallino. “My first day in the berry industry 25 years ago was spent in the Jones farming office in Oxnard, California, and Bob Jones was my first connection. How fitting to work today with his grandsons building the brand I have seen and known for years, and I am really enjoying sharing in the enthusiasm and passion for what’s ahead.”

Anthony Gallino brings his years of knowledge and experience to help Bobalu Berries continue to expand

Bobalu has methodically stayed focused on maintaining a strong family connection and to become a fully-integrated company. Brothers Bobby and RC Jones, third-generation strawberry farmers, have many associates within the organization who are third-generation members of the extended Jones family. Together, this management team has over 250 collective years of strawberry growing and packing experience and stand behind the “Family Grown, Farmer Owned” slogan.

Bobby Jones, President, Bobalu Berries“For the last two years, Western Veg Produce has sold our strawberries under our Bobalu and Short N Sweet brands. The Western Veg team has done a wonderful job and we are now partnering with David Ollivier, President of Western Veg Produce, to bring sales and marketing in-house and become a completely vertically integrated berry company,” said Bobby.

According to a press release, the addition of Anthony Gallino as Vice President of Sales stays true to the mission of the brand. Gallino has previously worked with the Jones operation and has maintained a strong bond with the family for many years. This transition to the new position was seamless as he now steps into the role of building the Bobalu brand with trading partners on behalf of the Jones family.

Anthony Gallino will be Bobalu Berries' first Vice President of Sales in its 61-year history

“As a grower-based company, we are focused on only the best quality going into the box that carries our family name, and sharing our family grown and farmer owned story. Anthony’s experience will help us tell that story as he taps into his years of experience with customer loyalty and produce industry relationships,” continued Bobby. “We have known him for many years and trust him with our mission and vision of helping us to take the company to the next level.”

Anthony Gallino will work closely with David Ollivier, Bobby and RC Jones, and the rest of the Western Veg sales group in the coming months to manage the fresh berries being harvested throughout California and Mexico for 2020 and expanding in the 2021 season.

Congratulations to Anthony Gallino on this exciting new role!

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