Anthony Innocenti Talks LIV Organic Produce Hard Squash and Retail Program Opportunities

Tue. September 28th, 2021 - by Jordan Okumura

OCEANSIDE, CA - Now is the time when consumer baskets start to fill with fall produce staples as we lean closer toward the holiday season and the multitude of eating experiences that come with the territory. With organics also tipping sales toward a higher share of the consumer wallet, LIV Organic Produce is helping retailers take advantage of the remainder of 2022 with flavor and versatility.

As Co-Founder and Managing Partner Anthony Innocenti tells me, hard squash is an incredible way to draw traffic into the produce department during the fall season and give consumers what they truly desire.

Anthony Innocenti, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, LIV Organic Produce“The demand for hard squash has evolved and is now an in-demand category across generations, especially during the fall months,” Anthony shares. “LIV’s organic hard squash has turned into a year-round category to support our buying partners as shoppers search for ways to fulfill creative recipes, paleo diets, and more. The many unique attributes of hard squash have consumers' eyes set on the squash destination.”

This fall, the company is offering Acorn, Butternut, Delicata, Kabocha, and Spaghetti squash varieties, as well as Pie pumpkins.

LIV Organic Produce is helping retailers take advantage of the remainder of 2022 with flavor and versatility as hard squash draws in seasonal traffic

Anthony recommends merchandising all hard squash varieties front and center to create a gateway to the produce department. With today’s busy shoppers, there are plentiful opportunities to generate impulse purchases on top of those planned grocery staples.

Quality is excellent this year,” Anything reveals, “and the rich microclimate where we grow our product nourishes some of the best hard squash this industry has to offer.”

With consumers shopping for fall flavors, hard squash can create a gateway to the produce department and generate impulse purchases

LIV Organic is currently shipping its hard squash program all over the country with enough supplies to respond to domestic demand.

The organic grower packs its squash offerings in 35 lb cases, and all product is stickered with GTIN-compliant, double-stacked bar codes.

With all the possibilities of the fall season, having a great organic partner can make the difference between a full basket of produce and an empty one. And LIV Organic Produce is that full basket advocate.

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