Awe Sum Organics Announces the Hiring of Jared Bray and Jenna Galise; David Posner Comments

Wed. September 28th, 2022 - by Jenna Plasterer

MONTEREY, CA - Awe Sum Organics has not one, but two exciting changes to its team on the heels of its launch of organic avocados. To support the program, the grower has added Jared Bray to its roster as a Sales professional and Jenna Galise as an Organic Fruit Sales & Marketing professional.

Jared Bray, Sales, Awe Sum Organics“I am incredibly excited to be back in the organic space with Awe Sum Organics and launching our organic avocado program. There is a tremendous opportunity to promote within the organic avocado category with the proper category focus and balanced supply mix. Awe Sum brings both of these key elements to the table, along with a commitment to an ethical supply chain with our Fair Trade partners,” Bray said.

A veteran in the produce industry, Bray offers Awe Sum Organics extensive expertise in the organic avocado market, strong customer service skills, and experience with promotional planning, foodservice, and forecasting. According to a release, he is also knowledgeable about the avocado supply chain from seed to store.

Bray joins Awe Sum Organic from a leading avocado shipper where he worked over the last four and half years. During his time there, he sold avocados while learning about the national and global avocado trade.

Awe Sum Organics has added Jared Bray to its roster as a Sales professional and Jenna Galise as an Organic Fruit Sales & Marketing professional

Galise joined Awe Sum team at the start of 2022. She brought with her five years of experience in sales and marketing in the import of fresh fruits, including avocados. Additionally, she has six years of retail experience.

Jenna Galise, Organic Fruit Sales & Marketing, Awe Sum Organics“I am thrilled to continue working in produce and making a new venture into the organic industry. Awe Sum Organics’ sourcing strategy and ethical practices of being Fair Trade certified has opened doors in the organic sector, which makes this next leap forward into the avocado category that much more exciting. I look forward to continuing the work with Jared, and we are excited for the future of this program,” Galise said.

Prior to joining Awe Sum Organics, she managed accounts and categories while providing excellent customer service. Her retail and marketing experience with assisting customers one-on-one in purchasing items, launching marketing strategies, and branding of products will aid her in her account and category skill set.

In addition to helping with the launch of the new organic avocado program, Galise will lead the company’s organic grape sales.

David Posner, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder, Awe Sum Organics“We are thrilled to have Jared and Jenna as a part of our team! The timing is perfect, as Jared’s years of experience in avocado sales and expertise in the avocado category will be a huge asset while we continue to move into the future. Jenna’s expertise in retail and category planning in the import business will be essential in aiding the success of our programs. Awe Sum Organics Fair Trade Certified Hass Avocados from Colombia and Mexico arrive this fall to start a year-round program. We have added organic avocados to our portfolio to meet the needs of our customers and growers,” added David Posner, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of Awe Sum Organics.

Congratulations to Jared Bray and Jenna Galise on their new roles!

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