Awe Sum Organics Begins Second Season of Winter Peruvian Grapes

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Tue. December 2nd, 2014 - by Jordan Okumura

PERU – Awe Sum Organics has kicked off the second season of its Organic Peruvian Grape Program.  The first Organic Green Seedless Sugraones arrived mid-November with great quality.

David Posner, Founder and CEO

According to a press release, these grapes have been in development since early 2007.  David Posner, Founder and CEO of Awe Sum Organics began the program to have an organic grape program in the winter months to compliment the domestic grape season.

“The bunches of our Organic Sugraones have a nice shape with large berries and are incredibly sweet, crisp and flavorful,” said David.

With vines now in their second year of production, the company expects to see larger crops this season.

Nick Moless, Program Manager

Nick Moless, Program Manager for Awe Sum Organics said, “The greater supply will be welcomed, and allow us to reach more customers with this amazing product; however, demand is still projected to well outpace supply.”

The company plans to begin shipping Organic Red Crimson Seedless grapes by mid-December.  The harvest is underway in Peru, and the fruit is being packed in the new state-of-the art packing facility.

“Our Crimson Seedless have a beautiful color and also great flavor, with a smaller berry size than our Sugraones,” David added.  The company reports that the total volume of the Crimsons will be more limited than the Sugraones, and the crop will have a shorter window.

The program will finish with Awe Sum’s Organic Seeded Red Globes, which will begin after the seedless varieties end around the first of the year.  These grapes will have the largest berry size of all three varieties.  They will be available in larger volumes than the Organic Seedless Crimsons.

Awe Sum Organics is Fair for Life certified by IMO Switzerland, according to a press release. That certification guarantees fair wages, good working conditions and social responsibility at each stage of production and across the distribution chain.

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