BC Hot House President Colin Chapdelaine Discusses Key Flavor Insights and Innovation

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Thu. January 26th, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

SOUTH SURREY, B.C. - As consumer demand continues to grow for flavorful fresh produce year-round, BC Hot House is ramping up production of some of its tastiest greenhouse produce for distribution across Western Canada and the Western U.S.

Along with a full line of peppers as well as traditional TOV and beefsteak tomatoes in production, the company is also highlighting some industry favorites to differentiate both its program and produce departments.

President Colin Chapdelaine joined me recently, to discuss the BC Hot House portfolio, and how the company strives for flavor innovation.

Colin Chapdelaine, President, BC Hot House“Here at BC Hot House, we bring 40 years of growing and harvesting knowledge and insights to our fresh produce and to our retail partners,” Colin shared with me. “With some of our investments in recent years, focused on bringing an elevated eating experience to the consumer, we believe that the greenhouse-grown category can set a new bar in flavor and quality.”

One of these key products differentiating the company among the competitive greenhouse categories is the company’s mid-size TOV dubbed the Avalantino Big Taste tomato. Grown to promote a much more unique size of tomato compared to the traditional TOV, the Avalantino is helping to develop a new segment in the tomato category as Colin tells me.


“As a mid-size tomato, the variety responds to the consumer who wants to use the entirety of the tomato in a single dish, sandwich, or salad without having half of the tomato left,” Colin noted, adding that this is a tomato that keeps you coming back for more. “The Avalantino is bred for flavor with an incredible brix-acid balance that brings a splash of sweetness and a clean, crisp profile. We share exclusivity with only one other grower and have seen demand rise across the board from retailers to consumers.”

In addition to the Avalantino, BC Hot House is showcasing the company’s Sweet Gems Tomato Medley pack, for the consumer who wants versatility and diversity in their tomato spread, and the retailer looking to give them that.

“This is another offering that provides an incredible eating experience,” Colin said. “Each tomato is carefully chosen from select breeders as we continue to trial new varieties to provide a ‘wow’ experience for the consumer.”

Colin adds that the company’s philosophy and tag line is “BIG TASTE,” and that the team will only put product into consumers’ and retailers’ hands that lives up to that standard. Demand across the board has motivated BC Hot House to continue increasing acreage to meet the consumer’s desire for these unique offerings.

Currently, BC Hot House is growing in the heart of Central Mexico across Queretaro, Jalisco, and Culiacan areas. The company distributes through both McAllen, Texas, and Nogales, Arizona to deliver fresh produce to customer with less miles and travel time. During the spring and fall, BC Hot House ships out of Canada as well, from March to December.

As we continue to see fresh produce departments become the focus of many retailers’ consumer messaging, we will bring you more developments from our industry’s initiatives and innovators.

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