Bee Sweet Citrus Looks Forward to California Domestic Citrus Season

Tue. October 13th, 2020 - by Jenna Plasterer

FOWLER, CA - As the days get shorter and the air brings with it a forgotten crispness, California citrus season hits its peak. This year, Bee Sweet Citrus welcomes the new harvest and anticipates a strong season ahead.

Joe Berberian, Sales Representative, Bee Sweet Citrus“Throughout the fall and winter months, consumers can expect the return of some of their favorite citrus varieties,” stated Sales Representative Joe Berberian. “While we supply oranges, lemons, and mandarins to our consumers year-round, our team is excited to welcome back the return of various specialty citrus varieties just in time for seasonal promotions.”

Running from October through June, California’s citrus domestic season includes a plethora of classic favorites and exciting specialty citrus varieties, according to a press release. This year, shoppers can look forward to the return of seasonal picks from Pummelos to Meyer Lemons, and many in between.

Keith Watkins, Vice President of Farming, Bee Sweet Citrus“California’s Mediterranean climate provides growers with ideal conditions for growing citrus,” said Vice President of Farming Keith Watkins. “Our moderate winters allow the fruit to sweeten naturally and develop beautiful rind color and quality. We’re able to harvest citrus year-round, while focusing on specialty varieties during the winter months.”

As the season continues, consumers can expect a host of vibrant, delicious varieties on full display across retailers nationwide. As the season begins, Bee Sweet is reporting a hearty supply of domestic Meyer lemons, Melogolds, Pummelos, and lemons, with Chilean mandarins making an appearance at the end of October.

Bee Sweet Citrus welcomes the new harvest and anticipates a strong season ahead

“The domestic season is an exciting time for our team because we have the opportunity to showcase healthy, versatile varieties,” continued Berberian. “With flu season just around the corner, we are proud to provide an assortment of immunity-boosting fruits to our customers.”

As shopper everywhere are clamoring for vitamin-rich, immune-supporting produce, now is the perfect time to get Bee Sweet Citrus on the shelves of your produce section. While the weather cools down, Bee Sweet is ramping up, and you won’t want to miss out.

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