Bobalu Berries Expects Increased Volumes and Superior Quality as Transitions Get Underway

Fri. November 13th, 2020
- by Chandler James     

OXNARD, CA - Agility is a hallmark trait of the produce industry. From changes in weather to shifts in the market, we often consider decisions minute by minute. Bobalu Berries is well-known as a top-quality producer, meaning the grower is always on its toes. A strategic transition is currently underway as the company works to maintain this reputation, and I had the chance to chat with Cindy Jewell, Founder of SCJewell and marketer for Bobalu, to get the inside scoop.

Cindy Jewell, Founder, SCJewell“We are approaching our 2021 season as our fields have all been planted in Oxnard, California, and are still transitioning Santa Maria plantings for the spring season,” Cindy said. “Our acreage in Oxnard is progressing very well, and we look forward to having fresh Bobalu Berries under the Christmas tree this year!”

Cindy explained that for the coming season, Bobalu is expecting increased volume, its proven quality, and top-notch service provided by the team built by Vice President of Sales Anthony Gallino. All of this has come to a head in order to create new partnerships for Bobalu based on its years of experience and trusted relationships in the industry. This year, the company has doubled down on its transition efforts by fortifying its team, opening new doors for the brand, and letting the quality speak for itself while also telling the family story through a new website and communications services.

A strategic transition is currently underway at Bobalu Berries as it looks forward to the 2021 season

“We are extremely pleased with the response from both trading partners and consumers that we’ve already received. For 2021, we are building on partnerships and our continued commitment to addressing food waste, item level traceability, employee welfare, and serving our community,” Cindy explained. “We are also expanding our conversation with the consumer in 2021 so they get to know our farming family and we have some unique ways we will be telling our story, so stay tuned.”

As of now, the biggest challenge Bobalu faces is having volume to supply its customers through the transition. With so much of the crops ending and new crops beginning soon, the grower has limited supplies right now. For Cindy, it’s an exciting time to see a whole new crop develop as the plans Bobalu has in place for berry promotion come to fruition.

For the coming season, Bobalu Berries is expecting increased volume, its proven quality, and top-notch service provided by the team built by Vice President of Sales Anthony Gallino

“So far, we are crossing our fingers that the weather will not pose any issues. The temperatures are cooperating, and we are clipping off any early fruit to help keep the plants focused on growing without having to spend early energy on producing. This practice of pinching off the early fruit will not make us first to the market in our region for December, but it will provide us with a healthier plant and a more robust crop,” Cindy concluded. “We know that our berries in Oxnard will begin production in the middle of winter, so that is always a concern, but we are used to dealing with weather disruptions.”

With agility in spades, it’s looking like Bobalu Berries will have consumers rushing to retail shelves in no time. Keep an eye out for more field updates as we at AndNowUKnow report on the latest.

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