Bobalu Celebrates Employee Appreciation as Strawberry Season Ends

Thu. November 19th, 2020
- by Anne Allen     

SANTA MARIA, CA - Employee appreciation is key to the overall success of many organizations and leads to a passionate and driven culture in nearly any company. In order to celebrate its employees, Bobalu Berry Farms recently held a celebration to mark the official end of the 2020 fresh strawberry season in Santa Maria. On November 13, the company’s leaders Bobby and RC Jones hosted their annual party, followed by a raffle that gifted two loyal employees with new cars.

RC Jones, Managing Partner, Bobalu Berry Farms“There is always strong demand for the best employees, and we deeply appreciate the caliber of employees we have on staff here. Many have been with our family for more than 40 years and we value their commitment to us. We also respect and care for them like family, and so many others that return year after year” said RC Jones, Managing Partner.

A celebration of the grower’s employees was welcomed as this year has provided another layer of challenges facing workers and companies due to the pandemic which required new forms of training and food safety practices, according to a press release.

However, for the Jones brothers and Bobalu, the hard work paid off. To celebrate the loyalty and dedication of its employees, RC and Bobby announced during the middle of the summer harvest that the car raffle would be held at the end of the tough season. This is the third year that the owners have offered exciting additional incentives to workers as a way to encourage them throughout the season.

Bobalu Berry Farms recently held an event to mark the official end of the 2020 fresh strawberry season in Santa Maria, complete with a raffle that gifted two loyal employees with new carsThis year’s event was not the usual large, in-person gathering due to restrictions, but instead a local radio station helped provide a virtual event featuring prizes, music, and announcements. At the end of the event, Bobalu employees Guillermo and Eva were able to drive off the ranch in the new cars as the winners of the company raffle.

Congratulations are in order to Guillermo and Eva for their hard work and raffle win. What other new ways will companies like Bobalu use to support their dedicated workforce? ANUK will bring you the answers.

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