Braga Fresh Partners with the Produce Mom to Promote Josie's Organics

Thu. October 16th, 2014 - by Kyle Braver

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Braga Fresh Family Farms will be joining The Produce Mom's Family of Partners in order to promote its Josie’s Organic brand. Together with the Produce Mom, Braga Fresh will be working to educate consumers on the value of its offerings.

Rod Braga, President and CEO“We’ve developed everything about the Josie’s Organics brand to help today’s busy moms and families eat more fresh vegetables and put healthier meals on the table, like my grandmother ‘Nonna Josie’ did for our family,” said Rod Braga, President and CEO of Braga Fresh Family Farms. “Lori is working to accomplish the same goals we are. We see our partnership with The Produce Mom as a great opportunity to educate a wider audience about the benefits of fresh, organic vegetables and give moms everywhere new, creative ideas for adding more vegetables into meals and snacks.”

Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom, further elaborated on how it was Braga Fresh's commitment to sustainable farming that helped draw her to the Josie's Organics brand.

Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom

“Sustainable farming isn’t just a buzzword for Josie’s, it’s been a way of life at the Braga home ranch since the 1920s—three generations,” she said. “I love that they use sustainability practices such as controlling pests by planting beneficial flowers to attract ‘good bugs.’ They combine these tried-and-true methods with new technologies such as GPS-equipped tractors and fuel-efficient engines to help conserve our national resources.”

According to a press release, Josie’s Organics offer consumers a full range of premium quality, USDA certified organic vegetables, such as beets, radishes, broccoli, celery, herbs, kale, chards, lettuce and greens.

Congratulations on joining The Produce Mom's Family of Partners, Braga Fresh!

Braga Fresh Family Farms

Josie’s Organics

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