Bravante Produce's Steve Shearer Details Strong Citrus Supply For Easter Promotions

Thu. April 1st, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

REEDLEY, CA - As a trade news writer and a certified citrus fanatic, I can go on all day about the delicious and refreshing flavors consumers can find in the produce department. But, my own words just don’t do the category justice when it comes to Bravante Produce’s lemons and Navel oranges, which—put simply—can only speak for themselves. These spectacular varieties are star players as shoppers flood the aisles in preparation for Easter.

Steve Shearer, Sales Manager, Bravante Produce“We’re definitely working with our retail partners to make sure that everyone is getting top-quality fruit, and we’re very happy with what we’re delivering,” Sales Manager Steve Shearer tells me. “We’re in a period where we have quite a bit of volume, so we’re promoting often with our partners as we drive through the citrus season.”

Bravante reported a strong supply of its Navel oranges and lemons just in time for the Easter holiday. This supply is expected to last through May and into June.

“From an eating quality standpoint, the fruit has been absolutely fantastic, and we foresee that continuing all the way through the season. We think our customers will be really happy with the quality of the fruit,” Steve adds.

As spring approaches and Bravante descends the back hill of the season, now is the perfect time for retailers to draw more attention to the produce department with these enticing citrus varieties. This can be done by placing the delicious, colorful offerings center stage and letting them do the rest of the talking.

Bravante Produce prides itself on its connection to the customer, as its supply consists of several highly favored varieties.

Bravante Produce reported a strong supply of its Navel oranges and lemons just in time for the Easter holiday

“We own everything we sell,” explains Steve. “We’ve acquired what we feel is great land with good water and soil so that we’re set up to have quality fruit. We’re really aggressive in making sure that everything we pack into a box is what the customer wants.”

This is the grower/packer/shipper’s first year ever marketing its citrus products in-house under the Bravante label, and the brand is continuing to expand and bring its alluring citrus offerings to retail. The citrus savant has its sights set on even more growth in the sector as it looks to onboard new retail partners and continue building its customer base.

“Our goal is to deliver an excellent eating experience week in and week out with a consistent box of fruit that our customers can feel confident in. This is our first year marketing our citrus in-house, and we’re still looking to grow with retail partners who are seeking a great product,” Steve says.

Over 400 words later and I still haven’t scratched the surface of the breathtaking flavor and quality of Bravante’s citrus. It may just be something you—and your shoppers—will have to taste for themselves.

AndNowUKnow will continue to shine a light on all of the amazing fresh offerings that adorn the produce department and the devoted growers who guide them from seed to shopping bag.

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