BrightFarms To Build a New Greenhouse in Snyder County, Pennsylvania

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Thu. May 2nd, 2019 - by Anne Allen

SELINSGROVE, PA - BrightFarms, the company who produces locally-grown packaged salads, recently announced plans to build a 250,000-square-foot greenhouse in Snyder County, Pennsylvania.

Paul Lightfoot, Chief Executive Officer, BrightFarms“This is an exciting chapter for our company as we push forward with our mission to provide more Americans access to the freshest, tastiest, and most responsibly grown local produce at supermarkets,” said Paul Lightfoot, CEO, in a recent press release. “With greenhouses across the Mid-Atlantic and growing, BrightFarms is well positioned to meet the growing consumer demand for local produce.”

BrightFarms has plans to break ground on the new greenhouse this month, with production starting in early 2020. The press release noted that the greenhouse will produce more than two million pounds of leafy salad greens and herbs per year while using an estimated 80 percent less water, 90 percent less land, and 95 percent less shipping fuel than West Coast farms. The produce will then be delivered to Pennsylvania supermarkets within 24 hours of harvest, roughly five to seven days faster than conventional leafy greens grown on the West Coast.

Set to start production in 2020, the new Pennsylvania greenhouse is set to produce more than 2 million lbs of leafy salad greens

Recently, BrightFarms announced plans for expansion with new greenhouse farms to be built in New England, New York, and North Carolina. These greenhouses will further the brand’s presence and add to BrightFarm’s network of local and sustainable farms across the Mid-Atlantic and into the South.

The company currently has farms in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois, and Ohio. With a one-week freshness advantage, innovative varieties, a more reliable and safe supply chain, and consistently high category sales, BrightFarms has achieved success in the market with leading national retailers such as Kroger, Ahold, Albertsons, and Walmart.

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