BrightFarms Partners with Crosset Company to Expand Distribution Reach

Tue. September 24th, 2019 - by Maggie Mead

WILMINGTON, OH - BrightFarms has recently announced a new partnership with Crosset Company to grow its distribution footprint. The team up will expand BrightFarms’ products to over 100 new independent Midwest retailers, most of which are based in Ohio. The new retailers will be supplied with exceptional baby greens from BrightFarms’ newest greenhouse in Wilmington, OH.

Paul Lightfoot, Founder and President, BrightFarms“As we’ve expanded across the country, we’ve been energized by the growth potential of working with the independent market, which serves a large demographic of consumers that care about transparency in food,” said BrightFarms Founder and President, Paul Lightfoot. “Our partnership with Crosset has been instrumental in gaining access to this valuable market.”

This new partnership between BrightFarms and Crosset Company will bring a bigger distribution footprint to Midwest retailers

In the Ohio retail market, BrightFarms products will be stocked in Jungle Jim’s International Market (Cincinnati), Krieger’s Health Foods Market (Cleveland), Walt Churchills Market (Northwest Ohio), and Dorothy Lane Market (Dayton).

Steve Platt, CEO, BrightFarms“Our success with independent retailers comes as no surprise,” Steve Platt, BrightFarms CEO, commented in a press release. “Research shows that nearly all shoppers want local, pesticide-free produce. Our mission at BrightFarms is to provide more access to the freshest, most responsibly grown local produce—whether it’s at a large national retailer or a small, family owned store.”

For BrightFarms, further distribution in the independent retail market in Ohio is a key opportunity for the company, an opportunity made possible by its partnership with Crosset Company.

Greg Kurkjian, Vice President/General Manager, Crosset Company“Helping our independent retail customers differentiate their stores, delight their shoppers, and grow their business by providing access to the latest fresh produce innovations, particularly locally grown and organic, is our core value proposition,” said Greg Kurkjian, Crosset Company Vice President/General Manager. “Our long-standing relationships with the customers in our service area, coupled with our supply chain, logistics, and merchandising solutions, align perfectly with BrightFarms’ growth initiative. We are thrilled to partner with them and look forward to contributing to their continued growth and success.”

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