California Strawberry Commission Launches Engaging Summer Campaign

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Thu. May 13th, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

WATSONVILLE, CA - Connecting the farmer to the consumer is a humbling act, and one that we are constantly striving for on and off the shelf. The California Strawberry Commission aims to do just this for strawberry farmers, recently launching a new sales-driving campaign. Throughout peak strawberry season 2021, consumers will have access to real farmer and farmworker stories through a #StoryBehindtheBerry webisode series shared across Facebook, Instagram, and the organization’s website.

To inspire shoppers to eat more healthy strawberries, the campaign invites consumers to enter the #CAStrawberryChallenge by recreating a CA strawberry recipe for a chance to win one of 15 $200 gift cards from May through July.

The California Strawberry Commission has launched a new summer sales-driving campaign featuring its #CAStrawberryChallenge for consumers

To help consumers stay on top of the latest nutrition trends and the many health benefits of California strawberries, registered dietitian Whitney English is sharing her expertise on a summer-long series called Whit’s Tips, which is featured on social media and the commission’s consumer website.

According to a press release, a series of "Strawberry Snackdowns" is featuring registered dietitians competing live on Instagram for prizes. By simply voting for a winner in the competitions, participants are automatically entered to win $50 Visa gift cards. The next #StrawberrySnackdown, hosted by influencer Michelle Smith from The Whole Smiths, is taking place today, May 13, at 11 a.m. PDT.

The new campaign also includes a #StoryBehindtheBerry webisode series that will give consumers access to real farmer and farmworker stories

Additionally, timely nutrition information, summer recipe videos, cooking demos, giveaways, and more will be shared daily across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and on the commission's website.

Prepare for an influx of strawberry sales as shoppers head to the aisles in hopes of nabbing one of these exclusive prizes.

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