Chelan Fresh's Rockit™ Apple Program Delivers Buy-Side Drive This Holiday Season

Thu. November 12th, 2020
- by Anne Allen     

WENATCHEE, WA - The holidays are advancing quickly—and retailers need to select which programs are going to drive shoppers to the produce aisle. As I chart the merchandising course for the buy-side, I spoke with Chelan Fresh’s Julie DeJarnatt, Director of Strategy, to find out why its Rockit™ apples offer supreme value for winter programs.

Julie DeJarnatt, Director of Strategy, Chelan Fresh“Consumers use a wide range of avenues to guide and inform their decision-making process—Rockit apples will be there to engage them every step of the way,” Julie began. “From eye-catching holiday-themed packaging and merchandisers in-store to targeted digital campaigns online and even ‘buy now’ options directly from our growers. We are also launching our first season of Organic Rockit apples, these will be arriving in store over the next couple of weeks.”

Recently, Chelan Fresh partnered with Walmart during its drive-thru trick-or-treat events. Naturally, I wanted to ask Julie what Chelan learned about advancing produce purchases during holidays that often revolve around sweets.

From eye-catching holiday-themed packaging and merchandisers in-store to targeted digital campaigns online and even ‘buy now’ options directly from growers, Chelan Fresh is bringing fresh opportunities to the produce aisle

“It is too early to get a read on the response following the Walmart Halloween events, but the turn-out exceeded everyone’s expectations! The holidays are meant to be fun, and part of having fun is food,” she remarked. “We are having a blast helping people blend healthy options into their holiday celebrations. Whether it is dropping Rockit apples into trick-or-treat bags, putting them out for Santa and his reindeer, or using them to decorate the kid’s table—just having them out and visible encourages kids to snack on something other than candy. And that is something we can all feel good about!”

What drives consumers back to Rockit is the apple’s extraordinary eating experience, which is unlike any other snack-size apple on the market.

Chelan Fresh is also launching its first season of Organic Rockit™ apples, which will be arriving in stores over the next couple of weeks

“Rockit is the only naturally miniature apple—meaning it is grown specifically to be this size. It is harvested at full maturity, making it crisp, sweet, and juicy—every time. Unfortunately, some of the other items being targeted to kids are not representing the peak of the crop; these are what we call ‘tails’ of the manifest. They are small in size, but they can also be immature in their development and lack the sweet, consistent flavor kids seek out. Consumers are very savvy, and they can tell the difference when eating a Rockit apple,” Julie concluded.

With the holidays just around the corner, retailers need a supply-side champ like Chelan Fresh at their back.

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