Chiquita Unveils 2021–2022 Sustainability Report; Peter Stedman Discusses

Thu. April 7th, 2022 - by Chandler James

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - Chiquita is tackling sustainability from all angles, furthering its Behind the Blue Sticker practices, introducing its “30BY30” Carbon Reduction Program, and naming a new Director to lead the charge. The company recently released its updated 2021–2022 sustainability report in tandem with appointing Peter Stedman as Sustainability Director.

Peter Stedman, Sustainability Director, Chiquita“Chiquita is committed to long-lasting change in local communities in which we cultivate our bananas and the planet as a whole,” said Stedman. “The brand has implemented a variety of strategies, including a detailed guide to reduce our carbon emissions, as we set out to achieve a more sustainable future.”

Stedman’s extensive career spans 14 years and ranges from farming to responsibly sourcing materials to consulting for global brands. In his role, Stedman will oversee the brand’s Behind the Blue Sticker approach, optimizing the delivery and communication of these efforts to consumers and stakeholders, a press release explained. Ultimately, the Behind the Blue Sticker initiative is a promise of quality and positive impact.

Chiquita recently released its updated 2021–2022 sustainability report in addition to appointing Peter Stedman as Sustainability Director

Chiquita introduced the “30BY30” initiative earlier this year, which aims to reduce carbon emissions across the entire brand’s operations by a total 30 percent by the end of 2030. The program and aggressive climate target goals were approved by the Science Based Target Initiative. In addition to this effort, Chiquita’s Farmer’s Code consists of farm rejuvenation and reengineering, which aims to improve efficiency and increase yield while reducing its environmental impact.

Biodiversity is another pivotal part of forest restoration, and Chiquita is taking decisive action to preserve and enhance biodiversity using three pillars: protecting diversity on its farms, minimizing its operation’s impact on the environment, and pioneering reforestation partnerships with its stakeholders.

Chiquita is aiming to reduce carbon emissions across its operations by a total 30 percent by the end of 2030 as well as implementing other aggressive climate target goals

Chiquita has worked to inspire and involve local communities by coordinating environmental education programs, the press release continued. So far, over 30,000 students and farmers have taken part in these programs, improving their knowledge about biodiversity, waste management, ecosystem services, and conservation. Chiquita also helped to build a school cafeteria, open-air gym, and library with community internet access.

To access the 2021–2022 sustainability report, please click here.

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