Church Brothers Farms Debuts Name Change and Refreshed Corporate Logo

Wed. November 11th, 2015 - by Jessica Donnel

SALINAS, CA - In a new move to tighten up the relation between its brands, Church Brothers Farms has announced an updated company’s logo and the addition of the word, “farms” to its official name.

Kori Tuggle, Vice President of Marketing, Church Brothers

The logo refresh project had two objectives, the company explains. For one, this move will update the Church Brothers corporate logo, but it will also create two logos that look related-but not matching to support the “one team” company value between Church Brothers and its processing affiliated company, True Leaf Farms, explains Kori Tuggle, the company’s Vice President of Marketing.

Church Brothers Farms' New Branding

Both logos are now the same shape to make them visually related when side by side. The Church Brothers Farms design and font was modernized from its original style, while the True Leaf Farms logo was changed to stand out on packaging, according to a press release, and the wide crop lines on the True Leaf Farms represent the wide beds of the company’s tender leaf crops.

With the new name change on the Church Brothers logo from Church Brothers Produce to Church Brothers Farms, the company is seeking to build more awareness for its in-house farming program.

Tuggle notes, “Being a grower-owned processing company is a strong differentiator for us and it supports one of our strategies to increase our land base and be even more vertically integrated than we already are.” 

The company is rolling out the new logos as of now. To download new logo files or for more information about the company, visit

Church Brothers