Church Brothers Farms Highlights True Leaf Process in Latest Video

Mon. June 12th, 2017
- by ANUK Staff     

SALINAS, CA - Looking for ways to reduce kitchen labor and food waste? Let us show you all the advantages of our ready-to-use Whole Leaves.

Our Whole Leaves start with our freshly-harvested heads being prepped by hand and placed into totes for the wash process. The leaves go through an automated wash line and are spin-dried. The leaves are then packed and sealed for shipment.


Compared to traditional whole head carton product, our Whole Leaves are:

  • Pre-trimmed leaf: which equals less food waste
  • Perfectly sized and triple washed: which equals less prep labor
  • Approximately 100 percent yield
  • Higher leaf count: which equals more builds per pound 

We offer five different Whole Leaf pack options to choose from.

Whole Leaf Fillets are traditional green, red, or romaine heads not grown to a specific size, trimmed, sorted, then placed packed-by-hand in a bulk foodservice pack or retail clamshell. 

Church Brothers Green Leaf Harvest

Our Sandwich Leaves, also hand-packed, are the result of proprietary cultural growing practices that produce a specific sized green leaf. Our sandwiches are shorter in leaf to fit a burger or sandwich, and has a higher leaf count per pound than similar products on the market. 

Teen Green is a young, tender, green leaf variety that is packed loosely on a 2 pound bag on a Foreman fill machine. Teen Green is harvested young to minimize the presence of center ribs.

Crunch Leaf is a proprietary hybrid variety of green leaf and iceberg lettuce. It has the iceberg properties that give it the extra crispiness combined with deep green leaf furl. Once triple-washed, the crunch leaf is soldier stacked in place making it easy to use on any burger or sandwich. 


Our Washed and Trimmed Pack is selected whole head varieties with the butt end removed and placed pack by hand. The entire head is kept in tact.

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