Classic Salads Unveiling Salad Packaging Label Redesign at Fresh Summit

Fri. October 17th, 2014
- by Kyle Braver     

ANAHEIM, CA - Classic Salads unveiled its new Salad Packaging Label redesign last weekend at Fresh Summit, and the new look is already generating plenty of buzz in the industry.

The new packaging features Classic Salads' “Salad Man” logo on the front. The Salad Man, shown in a running pose, invites consumers to check out Classic Salads' products with the caption “Delivering Freshness.”

Classic Salads' new packaging also appeals to the growing body of consumers in the modern retail market demanding healthier options and more nutritional information from their products. The front label on the new packaging highlights the high vitamin content of the items with large nutritional “Call-Out Bubbles” and Classic Salads' commitment to organics with a large vertical banner.

In addition to this new packaging, Classic Salads also introduced 5 new Conventional Bagged Salads during Fresh Summit weekend: 

  • Nordic Blend™: Sold in 12x6oz bags, this blend is a mixture of green leaf, red leaf, tango, and lolla rosa.
  • Super Mix Superfood™: Sold in 6x5 oz and 6x10 oz clamshells and a 12x8 oz bag, this blend features baby kale, spinach, chards, and beet greens. 
  • Baby Kale: Sold in 6x5 oz and 6x10 oz clamshells and a 12x8 oz bag, this product features baby kale leaves.
  • Chopped Kale: Sold in 12x10 oz bags, this product features chopped kale leaves.
  • Winter Mix™:  Sold in 12x10 oz bags, this blend features kale and broccoli leaves.

The new packaging will also debut on the rest of Classic Salads' line of leafy green products including:

  • Spring Mix
  • Baby Spinach
  • Half & Half
  • Baby Arugula
  • Baby Kale
  • Super Mix Superfood™
  • Fresh Herb Mix
  • Sweet Baby Lettuces
  • Baby Romaine
  • Romaine Hearts Whole Leaves

According to a press release, the packaging will debut with both French and English information in order to meet Canadian retail requirements.

Congratulations on the new packaging and product releases, Classic Salads!

Classic Salads