CMI Orchards' George Harter and Danelle Huber Discuss Plans for SEPC Southern Exposure

Thu. February 28th, 2019 - by Anne Allen

WENATCHEE, WA - It’s that time of year again, produce lovers! Everyone is packing their bags in anticipation for the flight down to Florida to attend Southeast Produce Council’s (SEPC) Southern Exposure. Here to hype us up even further is CMI Orchard’s George Harter, Vice President of Marketing, and Danelle Huber, Marketing Specialist, who let me in on what the company’s plans are for the show.

George Harter, Vice President of Marketing, CMI Orchards“We are really exited to showcase our Flavor of the World™ promotion, which allows retailers to highlight some of the tastiest apples discovered from orchards all around the world, grown both conventional and organically,” George shares. “We will also be showing our American Dream™ promotion, a promotion that is close to our hearts and allows retailers to give back to veterans and military families in their own communities.”

CMI Orchards will be showcasing its top apple brands at Southern Exposure with its marketing campaign, Apple Flavors of the World

In addition to these two programs, Danelle explains to me that CMI wants to highlight its 4th tier method of selling in the apple category.

Danelle Huber, Marketing Specialist, CMI Orchards“As the average retail price of branded and organic apples stays strong—or in some cases continues to rise—the additional designation of ‘branded organics’ can increase category sales even more,” she tells me. “Most retailers carry first, second, and third tier items, which are the conventional core varieties, organic core varieties, and conventional branded apples. The retailers that are benefitting from large profits in their apple category recognize the value in adding a fourth tier of selling to drive interest and excitement by offering an additional price point.”

CMI Orchards will be stressing the importance of 4th tier selling, which increases category sales

These fourth tier items are none other than CMI’s branded apples: KIKU®, Kanzi®, Ambrosia Gold™, and Envy®, all of which will be on display at Southern Exposure and readily available for samples.

“CMI is extremely focused on being our customers’ ‘one stop shop’ and proving assistance in all areas of our business relationship,” George adds when I ask him to elaborate on his intentions going into the show. “On top of growing quality pears and cherries, CMI offers seven of the top fifteen branded apples in sales dollars—according to Nielsen data—five of which we currently offer in our Daisy Girl Organics™ label, as well as all of the quality core varieties in both conventional and organic.”

Flavors of the World features seven of the top twelve performing branded apples from all over the world

Given the quality of Southern Exposure, its retailer attendance, and the networking opportunities available, Danelle impresses upon me that this show is especially valuable to CMI Orchards.

Be sure to pop on over and say hello to the team at booth #301! And for the latest in SEPC coverage, keep following us here at AndNowUKnow.

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