Coliman Group Hosts First Meeting of Fair Trade Committees

Mon. July 17th, 2017 - by Jessica Donnel

COLIMA, MX - As Coliman Group continues on its mission of increasing knowledge on Fair Trade criteria in farming, the company known for its organic bananas hosted the first-ever meeting of the “Conference of Workers’ Premium Committees and Fairtrade Officials” in Tecomán, Colima, Mexico.

The event, attended by 30 people, included representatives of the Committees of Fairtrade Premium, as well as eight different companies, including producers of bananas, vegetables, and agave across Sonora, Sinaloa, Jalisco, Colima, Michoacán, and Chiapas. 

The first-ever meeting of the "Conference of Workers' Premium Committees and Fairtrade Officials"

At the committee, Luis Álvarez, Regional Coordinator Central America - Mexico of the Latin American and Caribbean Coordination of Small Producers and Fair Trade Workers (CLAC) served as a moderator, emphasizing the importance of sharing experiences through these committees. Creating opportunities to discuss the impact of Fairtrade Premium is an important part of strengthening connections within the industry, Álvarez said.

Jorge Angel Aguilar, Jr. CEO, Coliman Group“Each topic discussed by the committee was very relevant to the meeting,” CEO Jorge Angel Aguilar Jr. said of the recent Fair Trade-focused event. “Attendees were able to learn and enrich the discussion with the CLAC representative and with each company present.”

As the host of the event, Coliman Group presented on its experience in obtaining Fair Trade certification and provided participants with a tour of its facilities at two of its certified farms. There, the company showcased the production process and packaging for its organic bananas.

The Coliman Group offered participants a tour of their facilities.

Attendees also had the opportunity to review the current Fair Trade system and its most important agents, who discussed points of agreement and interpretation of the standard criteria. Experiences, achievements, and challenges faced by the committees and their officers were all discussed throughout the event, touching on topics such as the elimination of child labor, housing, regulations and policies, and empowerment of committees.

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