Coliman Group Reveals New Fairtrade Sociocultural Center; Jorge Aguilar Jr. Discusses

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Mon. July 26th, 2021 - by Anne Allen

COLIMA, MEXICO - I am a firm believer that good things come full circle. Call it luck, positive karma, or what have you, but in the case of Grupo AGGALL-Coliman (Coliman Group), its recent success was completely by design. The supplier completed the first stage of its new Fairtrade Sociocultural Complex. With an initial investment of $780,000 (15.7 million pesos), the agricultural workers have fully financed this project through the additional premium received from Fairtrade purchases of bananas, administered through the Fairtrade Foundations "Familia Coliman A.C." and "Don Jorge A.C."

"Jorge Aguilar Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Coliman GroupOur mission is to nourish the world, and when we talk about nourishing, we don't just think about food; nourishing is about filling things with life. That is why we take care of our land, the flora and fauna of our fields, and, with even more care, our people," Jorge Aguilar Jr., Chief Executive Officer.

According to a press release, this project began five years ago with the purchase of a 3-hectare piece of land. The inauguration marks the conclusion of this first stage of development, which has established a state-of-the-art soccer field, urbanization, electrical, hydraulic, and sanitary infrastructure. Additionally, this project will bring benefits to the employees' quality of life and the communities living in this area.

The Fairtrade program seeks to improve market access and trading conditions for producers and workers in agricultural plantations. Once certified, a guaranteed minimum price is obtained for the exported product, plus an additional premium for agricultural workers. These workers vote on how to invest the money, considering the best ways to improve their quality of life and serve the primary needs of their communities. This direct economic benefit is what makes Fairtrade unique.

"This project is an achievement of our agricultural collaborators,” added Aguilar. “It is they who choose how to invest the Fairtrade premium they obtain through the Fair Trade model of bananas."

The Fair Trade premium generated by the sale of organic bananas has significantly impacted the lives of agricultural workers, their families, and communities. These benefits can be seen across numerous areas of Mexico, where producers work for the Coliman Group.

In addition to the center, Coliman employees across Mexico are working on numerous other projects. These are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goals, namely, Quality Education, Health, Community Development, Environment, and Sustainable Projects.

Congratulations to the Coliman team on completing this first stage!

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