Crunch Pak® Expands Snacking Line with Disney and Adds Oraganic Snacker Distribution to Costco

Thu. February 1st, 2018
- by Lillie Apostolos     

CASHMERE, WA – To address one of parenthood’s biggest struggles, Crunch Pak® has made healthy snacking easier than ever for tiny tots by expanding its snacking line with Disney. The company has added an organic Snacker—which will include organic apple stix, cheddar cheese pieces, and pretzels in a three-pack option—to be distributed at Costco. The club retailer purchase is made even more fun by adding vibrant and fun graphics, perfect for attracting the attention for consumers’ mini-mes.

Megan Wade, Marketing & Product Manager, Crunch Pak“We want to provide preschool-age children with fresh snack options that they find appealing,” said Megan Wade, Marketing and Product Manager. “The power of Disney and the characters is immeasurable. We think it’s a great, fun way to teach children good food choices.

Crunch Pak has had a fruitful relationship with Disney since its 2010 partnership, launching 20 items that have since been sold in grocery, club stores, and mass and convenience stores nationwide. What makes the new release in Costco so exciting is that it is its second organic Crunch Pak item to be carried in the club retailer.

Crunch Pak Organic Snackers

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