Crunch Time Apple Growers Reveals Brand Refresh and Volume Increase for RubyFrost™ Apples; Jessica Wells and Joel Crist Discuss

Thu. October 14th, 2021
- by Chandler James     

LOCKPORT, NY - RubyFrost™ apples are back and better than ever, and with increased volume, too. Crunch Time Apple Growers kept busy in its off season, undertaking a total brand refresh that includes an enhanced logo as well as new packaging and promotional materials. This season brings 175,000 bushels—which is a 35 percent year-over-year increase—of the variety, soon to be available in select produce aisles and wider distribution expected in the first quarter of 2022.

Jessica Wells, Executive Director, Crunch Time Apple Growers"The RubyFrost brand refresh will be transformative this season, and for many to come. We took the time to focus on what it is that consumers love about RubyFrost—the tart flavor profile, perfect size, beautiful ruby red color, and versatility of use—and visually accentuated those attributes," said Jessica Wells, Executive Director, Crunch Time Apple Growers.

Three new sales partners will help the company expand its distribution: Applewood Fresh Growers, Rice Fruit Company, and Riveridge Produce Marketing. The new packers and shippers double down on the supplier’s geographic reach among existing grocers and new retail partners, particularly in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Crunch Time Apple Growers recently revealed a total brand refresh for its RubyFrost™ apples, including an enhanced logo as well as new packaging and promotional materials

Developed and bred by Dr. Susan Brown of Cornell University in Ithaca, RubyFrost is grown commercially in Upstate New York. The apple features a tart flavor profile appealing to about 30 percent of consumers, according to a press release. It is a versatile apple perfect for cooking, baking, and topping salads and naturally non-browning due to high vitamin C.

Joel Crist, Chair, Board of Directors, Crunch Time Apple Growers and Farmer, Crist Bros. Orchards"For those who prefer a less sweet, more balanced taste, RubyFrost is the perfect apple. It combines sugar and acidity to offer a beautifully sweet but tart flavor profile that's packed full of vitamin C so it doesn't brown quickly," said fifth-generation Farmer Joel Crist of Crist Bros. Orchards and Crunch Time Apple Growers’ Board Chair. "The brand refresh is exactly what we needed to spotlight the appeal of RubyFrost to tart apple lovers for the 2021-2022 season and beyond."

The East Coast roots of this variety allows for cost-effective transportation to primary selling regions, greater freshness and quality, and lower shelf prices.

Could your own consumers be on the lookout for this exclusive variety? It may be worth finding out.

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