D’Arrigo Bros., Driscoll’s, Taylor Farms and the Other Members of TALC Honored for Philanthropic Service

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Mon. December 29th, 2014 - by Andrew McDaniel

SALINAS, CA – The Agricultural Leadership Council (TALC) has been honored at the 23rd Annual National Philanthropy Day Awards in Pebble Beach as this year’s Outstanding Philanthropic Service Organization.

John D'Arrigo, President & CEO, D'Arrigo Bros.

“TALC is all about farm families and the companies that service and supply the agricultural industry helping agricultural workers and their families with their healthcare needs,” said TALC Founder John D’Arrigo, a third-generation Salinas Valley grower and President & CEO of D’Arrigo Bros.

TALC, which represents over 125 members in the Salinas Valley including D’Arrigo Bros. Co of CA., Driscoll’s, Taylor Farms and NewStar, was awarded for its more than $1.25 million to date in philanthropic support to Natividad Medical Center.

L-R: John D’Arrigo; Linda Ford, President & CEO, Natividad Foundation; Tony Tollner, Rio Grill

D’Arrigo added, “TALC is extremely pleased that the community recognizes the need to philanthropically support Natividad Medical Center and values our commitment to Natividad.”

According to a press release, TALC’s donations have supported breast cancer detection devices, critical care incubators for premature infants and Natividad Medical Foundation’s groundbreaking Indigenous Interpreting+ healthcare interpreting program.

Natividad Medical Foundation’s Indigenous Interpreting+ program is one of the few indigenous language interpreting programs in the United States. TALC’s contributions have helped provide trained interpreters to serve indigenous people hospitalized at the center who speak Mixteco, Zapoteco, Triqui and other native languages.

More than 27,000 indigenous people live and work in “America’s Salad Bowl,” and Mixteco, Triqui, Chatino and Zapoteco are in the top seven languages most commonly spoken by the patients. Since its launch in March of this year, Indigenous Interpreting+ had provided 1,000 indigenous language-interpreting sessions for patients at Natividad Medical Center, which includes almost 500 for indigenous languages.

It is always great to see industry members working together for a good cause. Congratulations on this award, TALC!