D'Arrigo New York Shares Hottest Fourth of July Items

Fri. July 1st, 2022 - by Anne Allen

BRONX, NY - Fireworks won’t be the only things popping off this Fourth of July, as fresh produce is sure to take center stage on tables across the country. A few produce items in particular will be on consumers’ radars, and D’Arrigo New York has given us a run-down of what to expect.

First up on the list is watermelon.

Anticipating Fourth of July produce trends, D'Arrigo New York lists watermelon, green leaf lettuce, and corn as the hottest items on consumers' lists for their celebrations

“We can’t imagine the Fourth without a slice of cool, delicious watermelon,” the company said in a recent newsletter. “It’s a hallmark of the holiday that kids of all ages love. (Or for something different, you can even grill it for a subtle combination of both sweet and savory.)”

In the vegetable realm, D’Arrigo New York shines the spotlight on two coveted categories: corn and green leaf lettuce. For fresh corn, the wholesaler suggests the classic BBQ preparation—wrapped in foil and topped with butter. Green leaf lettuce, on the other hand, can be applied as a topping for a burger, or as a substitute to less healthy options like macaroni salad.

Throughout the month of July, D'Arrigo New York will also be attending trade shows including the Organic Produce Summit and the Foodservice Conference

Aside from the Fourth of July, D’Arrigo New York is hitting the trade show circuit. The company will attend the Organic Produce Summit July 13–14, and the Foodservice Conference from July 28–29.

Fourth of July is just the beginning of this month’s summer fun, so keep clicking back to ANUK.

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