Dave's Specialty Imports Introduces Organic Argentinian Cherries and Winter Strawberries

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Wed. December 13th, 2017 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

MIAMI, FL - We are completely immersed in the greens and reds of the holiday season. In Dave’s Specialty Imports’ case, it’s the ruby red line-up of luscious berries. The company has welcomed organic cherries from its farm in Argentina for the first time, bringing the program to market for a few short weeks in December.

Leslie Simmons, Vice President, Dave's Specialty Imports

“It is a very unique program and available for just a few short weeks. We are thrilled to offer it and hope it really gives an added benefit to our customers,” said company Vice President Leslie Simmons.

Organic Argentinian Cherries

This is not the only holiday red the family-owned operation is offering, having planted strawberries on 100 acres in central Florida for the first time this year as well.

Mike Bowe, President, Dave's Specialty Imports

“The quality and appearance has been outstanding and the flavor is spot on,” said Mike Bowe, President. According to a press release, Dave’s has started shipping high-quality fruit to retail and foodservice customers in 1 lb clamshells. He continued, “This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to continue to build out a stronger domestic program to complement our Mexican strawberries.”

Dave's Specialty Imports Winter Strawberries

Rounding out the flushed lineup are Chilean red currants, which are especially sought after around the holiday season and pomegranate arils—in flat trays from India and 4.4 oz and 8 oz cups from Peru will start up in January.

Pomegranate arils

Both make their return as popular winter items to the Dave’s import offerings, so keep an eye out as you look to add a splash of red to your produce department.

Dave's Specialty Imports