Dayka & Hackett LLC Exclusively Marketing Slayman Pomegranates

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Wed. February 11th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

REEDLEY, CA - Dayka & Hackett LLC will exclusively market all Slayman pomegranates for the 2015 season the two companies, announced in a joint statement. Slayman previously marketed its pomegranates in-house, but nominated Dayka & Hackett as its marketing representative after Sales Manager Jim Peirone retired from Slayman Marketing, Inc. this winter.

Slayman has farmed pomegranates in California since the 1920s, and prides itself on its  brand recognition as well as an estimated 90% plus market share from late July through early September. Historically, Slayman provided the U.S. market with the first California pomegranates. Presently, the company farms more than 600 acres of both Granada and Early Foothill pomegranates.

“We believe Dayka & Hackett will be an excellent marketing partner for our special fruit,” owner Lisa Slayman stated. “Their marketing expertise and market penetration with many of the nation’s leading supermarkets, club stores and fruit receivers matches our goal in providing this special fruit to customers who wish to merchandise quality summer pomegranates.”

According to Dayka & Hackett Manager Mike Weaver, the company intends to support loyal Slayman pomegranate customers while expanding the brand and fruit to additional customers and markets.

“This is truly a special opportunity,” he said. “The Slayman brand, the exponential increased demand for pomegranates along with the health benefits they provide and the ability to satisfy customer volume needs are the basis for an exciting program. We are looking forward to the upcoming season.”

Dayka & Hackett is a year round marketer of fresh table grapes, tree fruit, pomegranates, kiwi, pears, apples, citrus and mangoes. The company is headquartered in Reedley, California, where it operates its own farming and packing operations. In addition to its California production, Dayka & Hackett imports fruit from Chile, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and Spain.

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