Devine Organics Cultivates a Legacy; Elvia Devine and TLC's Todd Linsky Discuss

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Mon. January 29th, 2018 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

FRESNO, CA - Family-owned is not just a prevalent term in our industry, it is a valued and respected one. Devine Organics is proud to be a part of that ideal, as a family-owned and operated business led by agricultural entrepreneurs, Elvia Devine and her husband Don. Coming from humble beginnings—Don from a small rural farm in western Kentucky and Elvia who traveled to the U.S. from Mexico as a child—both appreciate the opportunities afforded to them by their years of hard work and the pursuit of their dream. And what is that dream? That all families deserve access to healthy food grown in a responsible manner.

As one of the first females to lead an organic produce company, Elvia has passionately dedicated her professional career to the enterprise of growing good food for families—having helped establish grower, packer, shipper, Double D Farms with Don and found their organic division, Devine Organics.

Elvia Devine, Co-Owner, Devine Organics“Don has worked in a variety of jobs: warehouseman, soldier, accountant, and—for 40 years—as an executive at Harris Cattle Ranch. It was there that he was able to start Double D,” said Elvia.

Bringing a fresh vision into the fold this year as the Devine family continues to evolve its organic program is TLC, a company dedicated to serving the comprehensive needs of produce businesses worldwide.

Todd Linsky, TLC Consulting“TLC is excited to come alongside the Devine family and help them prepare for their future in organic produce,” said Todd Linsky of TLC. “They are a young, energetic group, motivated to earn their space in the organic marketplace; I was captivated by their story and their team. We are continuously working with suppliers to bring a consistent, quality supply to the marketplace built on the TLC principles of Organic, People, Purpose. The expertise that TLC’s group can provide is a great fit for Devine. We are positioned to help them to establish a solid plan of service, reliability, and quality produce.”

Elvia and Don Devine

Sensitive to the demands of the marketplace and an advocate for sustainable and innovative land stewardship, Elvia and Don explored opportunities in the burgeoning organic movement with Devine Organics as the outcome. Today, Devine Organics actively represents all of Double D Farms’ organic commodities and employs more than 500 people. This is a direct result of their aggressive investment and partnership with farmers in the U.S., Mexico, and Peru. In addition to the wide-ranging portfolio of organics, Double D Farms also cultivates 1,500 acres of pistachios and almonds to further diversify its portfolio.

“We are committed to fulfilling our dream of growing superior organic food that will support households and feed families around the world; so much so that our children Manuel, Bridgette, and Heidi all take an active part in running the family business,” Elvia shared. “Family is so important to Don and I. We are blessed that we are surrounded by our kids and family, every day.”

Devine Organics team

Bridgette now heads up Devine’s all women sales team; Manuel works in research and development, and Heidi is the Executive Assistant to Devine’s leadership team.

“The Devine’s vision is yet to be completely realized, but they are excited for the future and the opportunity to continue adding to the story that will become the Devine legacy,” Todd reflected. “Starting in February, the company will be in full-swing with their signature crop: asparagus. As part of their year round offering they will have both organic and conventional asparagus available for shipping. They will also have their seasonal offering of melons, onions, and sweet corn shipping this spring.”

With a strong family foundation growing an even stronger organic program, this company is looking to 2018 as a herald of the fruitful future to come.

Devine Organics