Dole Launches Health-Forward Program Alongside Frozen 2 Opening

Mon. October 21st, 2019
- by Anne Allen     

CHARLOTTE, NC - Prepare to start singing “Let it Go” at the top of your lungs again, because Dole is celebrating the next installment of Frozen with another of its “Empowering the Hero Within” campaigns. This program, which lasts through December, inspires parents and children alike to eat healthier.

William Goldfield, Director of Communications, Dole“Our goal is to warmly embrace the universal appeal of Disney’s Frozen 2 and the film’s themes of family, fortitude, responsibility, and the awesome power of nature to help create healthier household routines that can lead to long-term, positive changes in behavior,” said William Goldfield, Director of Communications. “More important, we want to combine the powers of Dole and Disney’s Frozen 2 to make healthy eating fun, exciting, and maybe even a bit magical.”

At the heart of the program lies Melanie Marcus, MA, RD, and Dole’s Nutrition and Health Communications Manager. She created 20 fruit- and vegetable-based recipes, all of which were inspired by Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven.

According to a press release, these recipes range from the Sven Sleigh-Pulling Power Smoothie to the Royal Frozen Sweet Potato Lasagna.

Melanie Marcus, MA, RD, and Nutrition and Health Communications Manager, Dole“Most parents want nothing more than to establish the healthy eating and living routines for their kids that will last a lifetime,” said Marcus. “I’m a new mom, and giving my daughter a healthy start is the most important thing to me. But life is busy and schedules are full—so we developed a series of family-friendly breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that were designed to be prepared in advance and frozen. Now, working parents can ensure their families get the fruits and veggies they need every day of the week—and, thanks to Disney, love doing it. While Dole realizes that families can’t correct many of the nutrition mistakes of the past, we’re committed to offering them the tools to shape their destiny toward a healthier future.”

Dole is celebrating the next installment of Frozen with another installment of its “Empowering the Hero Within” campaign

Original recipes, nutritional insights, and other information can be found on the company’s website. A second batch of original recipes is slated for reveal on November 4.

The company is using a host of tactics to ensure that shoppers view and try these new recipes. Strategies include print and digital placements, how-to recipe videos, a dedicated campaign web page, digital banner ads, and social media posts.

Consumers will surely see the millions of DOLE® bananas and pineapples featuring character images from the film. These will be sold in produce departments of most major retailers across the United States and Canada.

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