Duda Farm Fresh Foods Expands Oxnard, California, Fresh-Cut Facility

Mon. March 30th, 2020 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

OXNARD, CA - Duda Farm Fresh Foods has increased the capacity of its fresh-cut facility by almost 50 percent, a three-year long project the company has been working toward to meet the demand it has experienced.

Sammy Duda, Senior Vice President of Operations, Duda Farm Fresh Foods"The reason we [expanded] was because demand for our product, especially our Duda generations Dandy® varieties, has increased to the point where we needed to expand. The consumption of celery has increased significantly, partly due to juicing, just partly due to organic growth within the category," Sammy Duda, Senior Vice President, shares in our AndNowUKnow video exclusive.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods readies for increased celery demand in Oxnard, California, with its new fresh-cut facility expansion, a five-million-dollar investment

The reason for the $5 million investment, the team shares, is not only to satisfy current demand but also for future demand. As this continues to climb, Duda shared that its varieities and the characteristics for flavor and crunch in its products have been what has really resonated with consumers.

Mark Bassetti, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Development, Duda Farm Fresh Foods"What we've experienced has been long-term, double-digit growth over the last several years, especially in the stick category," comments Mark Bassetti, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Development. "What we're really seeing is consumers continue to look for quick, easy, and fresh ways to make a meal in today's fast-pace environment and there are ready-to-eat celery sticks in different forms from long stick to snacking items—as well as meal solution items."

The increased demand for celery has given Duda Farm Fresh Foods the opportunity to expand

To be in a position of "Celery Kings," as Sammy puts it, the company is working to meet the expectation, current demand, and future demand that come with such a title.

To see inside this latest expansion and learn how Duda is positioning itself to ensure its fresh-cut celery brings even more value to the market, watch the full video above.

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