Equitable Food Initiative Joins AMHPAC for Social Compliance Webinars

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Tue. October 27th, 2020 - by Anne Allen

WASHINGTON, DC - Known across the fresh produce industry for its commitment to fostering and furthering industry education and support, the Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) has announced that it will be continuing its mission by partnering with the Mexican Association of Protected Horticulture (AMHPAC). Together, the two groups will join forces to lead a series of Spanish language webinars for its members starting next month.

Rebecca Chavez, Business Development Manager, Equitable Food Initiative“This is a great opportunity for attendees and the industry as a whole to better understand what EFI is all about—a multi-stakeholder organization that is dedicated to meeting industry needs first and foremost,” said Rebecca Chavez, Business Development Manager at EFI. “We are honored to co-facilitate these important conversations with a respected association like AMHPAC and look forward to strengthening our relationship for years to come.”

Through these seminars AMHPAC will be promoting “Cumplimiento Social: Camino a Mejorar Rendimiento” (or Social Compliance: A Pathway to Improving Performance), a social compliance webinar hosted on November 10 and 12. According to a press release, the focus of the seminar will be on business performance through social compliance. Chavez will act as the Co-Facilitator of the series along with other EFI team members.

Alfredo Diaz, Chief Executive Officer, Mexican Association of Protected Horticulture“Compliance with the Ethical Charter is a critical topic, and we are proud to bring resources to our member organizations so that they know where to start on a path toward continuous improvement,” said Alfredo Diaz, CEO for AMHPAC. “We are pleased to bring EFI and a team of experts from its multi-stakeholder organization to share learnings from farming operations already leading this work.”

The series of webinars are funded as part of a Walmart Foundation grant, each one serving to promote the Ethical Charter on responsible labor practices in Mexico, position EFI as an expert resource for compliance with the charter, and cultivate contacts between the United States and Mexico, according to the company.

Equitable Food Initiative and the Mexican Association of Protected Horticulture have joined forces to lead a series of Spanish language webinars for its members starting next month

Each session will be one hour, will air live, and allots time for a Q&A period at the end. The topics range from introductory to advanced in relation to the compliance of the Ethical Charter, and each one is available as a stand-alone session or together in a series.

Those interested in registering can sign up for the November 10 sessions here and November 12 sessions here.

As EFI continues to promote and expand knowledge across the industry, ANUK will continue to report on the latest updates.

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