Felix Peralta Details SunFed's Spring Melon Program and Expectations

Thu. May 19th, 2022 - by Jordan Okumura

RIO RICO, AZ - When I cut open a fresh honeydew melon, the experience is multisensory. From scent and sound to the taste and appearance—the event creates a new memory while drawing on a deep nostalgia I have for similar wonderful experiences. This is what fresh produce does for many consumers, and what the melon category does in spades.

As we move toward June and temperatures continue to warm in the Northern Hemisphere, I had the opportunity to speak with Felix Peralta, Director of Production for SunFed, to discuss the promising Sonora, Mexico, spring melon season and what we can expect for the benefit of retail programs.

Felix Peralta, Director of Production, SunFed“We are incredibly excited to bring this program to our retail partners from now through the end of June,” Felix shared with me. “Our grower partners have been working really hard with these crops, and the weather has been very nice. Our expectation is to have great-quality fruit for the upcoming weeks.”

SunFed’s product mix this spring includes seedless watermelon (conventional and organic), honeydews (conventional and organic), and organic mini watermelons.

“The market can quickly change, but, at present, we are observing a steady supply and moderate demand with the West Coast and Pacific Coast experiencing higher demand,” Felix expressed. “We are seeing much more business compared with previous years, and retailers should highlight a promotional price for consumers for the next 3–4 weeks.”

Now through the end of June, SunFed will be offering retailers seedless watermelon (conventional and organic), honeydews (conventional and organic), and organic mini watermelons produced by its Sonora, Mexico, growing partners

The SunFed melon program will be available to customers in the United States and Canada through the Nogales (Rio Rico, Arizona) port of entry.

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