Find the ANUK Apple Logo on the Cover of the November, 2020, Snack Magazine for a Chance to Win $100

Tue. December 1st, 2020 - by Lilian Diep

SACRAMENTO, CA - We hope you aren’t feeling too sluggish from your post-turkey feast, because it’s time to bust out those quick moves and find the AndNowUKnow logo on The Snack cover!

Our highly anticipated November issue features tips and tricks to drive sales this holiday season—and it could make two industry members 100 dollars richer! There are few in the biz who have the fastest eyes and the quickest shutter fingers, and now it’s time to ask yourself: Could you be one of them?

The apple logo is hidden on our latest issue of The Snack! Can you find it on our November cover?

Don’t worry if you haven’t received a hard copy of the November issue. Simply click here to see the digital cover. Whether you’re viewing the hard or the digital cover, be sure to take a victory picture of yourself with your finger pointing at the logo.

The criteria for winning is below:

  • Your FOUND the Apple Logo photo must include your face
  • And your finger must be pointing to the AndNowUKnow apple logo

The ANUK logo you’re searching for!Once your proof of victory is complete, send that selfie over to us at [email protected] to join the running for the $100 cash prize! If your photo lands in our inbox ahead of everyone else’s, you could join the winners’ circle with some of the quickest produce people, like:

  • Claudia Pizarro-Villalobos of D’Arrigo California (reigning supply-side champ)
  • Danny Ortiz of Sysco (reigning buy-side champ)
  • Osmerlin Garcia of Nature Fresh Farms
  • Betty Tomao of The Save Mart Companies
  • Monina Knox of Sobeys
  • Chris Olsen of Gold Coast Packing
  • Kimberly Chan of 99 Cents Only
  • Brandi McGuire-Sisco of Topco Associates
  • Mike Mendez of Nature Fresh Farms

If you want a leg up for future challenges, click here to subscribe to The Snack (valued at $129 per year).

Which winners are going to come down the produce pipeline? Stick around to find out—and to potentially see your face as a winner!

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