Fresh Express Reveals Advanced Food Safety Initiatives Through Video Series; John P. Olivo Details

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Tue. July 26th, 2022 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

ORLANDO, FL - Educating consumers about food safety is an important step in any operator’s strategy. For Fresh Express, this means a behind-the-scenes series of videos that takes both retailers and shoppers into the makings of its products from field to table.

John P. Olivo, President, Fresh Express“We wanted to bring to life the challenges we face and surmount each and every day to achieve our demanding food safety and quality goals,” President John P. Olivo said. “From the dedication of diverse AgOps teams and boots-on-the-ground safety surveillance efforts to progressive technologies, comprehensive manufacturing developments, and highly trained food safety and quality professionals in each of our regional facilities, we are excited to show audiences the whys and hows of our leading food safety and quality initiatives.”

Spearheaded by John P. Olivo, and Vice President of Food Safety and Quality, John Gurrisi, the video series features crucial steps to ensure that the strictest product safety is being upheld.

The videos also highlight the company’s latest advancements in product R&D including the debut of its new Fresh Express Product Innovation and Culinary Center.

Details abound in this video series, including how Fresh Express sets and implements innovative safety standards. According to a press release, the video series reveals specifics that, up until now, were only available through select pre-arranged tours.

Fresh Express’ President John P. Olivo and Vice President of Food Safety and Quality John Gurrisi spearheaded a behind-the-scenes series of videos showcasing its strict product safety and R&D advancements

These videos are shot onsite and feature growers, harvesters, and Fresh Express facilities. Several executives were featured in the video as well, including John P. Olivo and John Gurrisi, as well as Germann Rios, Corporate Director of Raw Product Food Safety and Quality, and Fabian Pereria, Vice President of Marketing, Innovation, and International.

Lots to see and much to learn! Sounds like a match made in produce heaven.

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