Fresh Solutions Network Releases Report Showcasing Network of Farmers' Crucial Role; Kathleen Triou Comments

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Wed. July 20th, 2022 - by Jenna Plasterer

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - Spurred by concerns of food insecurity, inflation, supply chain shortages, and health, potatoes have seen a rise in popularity throughout the pandemic. With this growing demand, Fresh Solutions Network (FSN) is spotlighting the important role of its farmer network and potato products while sharing key market details for the coming weeks.

Kathleen Triou, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Solutions Network“Inflation, supply restrictions, and food insecurity are top of mind for consumers right now, and Fresh Solutions Network farmers are growing their Side Delights® brand of fresh potatoes that meet these needs,” stated Kathleen Triou, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Potatoes are the perfect food. Not only are they available, affordable, nutritious, and have a long shelf-life, but they are a delicious part of any meal. In summary, they are simply delightful…that is, Side Delights-ful.”

According to a recently released report referred to by FSN, Potato Market–Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2022-2027), food availability, food access, food use, and quality as well as production stability have all been affected by the pandemic. This has put additional strain on the global agri-food system, inspiring consumers to turn to potatoes as they are seen as a reliable food source during challenging times.

Fresh Solutions Network provides available, affordable, and nutritious products through its fresh potatoes, which are seeing increased demand

As demand for the category continues to increase due to potatoes’ long shelf-life and affordability, FSN is reporting some delays, but good quality.

“Currently the Russet market is extremely tight and will remain so until a new crop becomes available,” explained Triou. “The Network’s supply partner in Washington estimated a delay in harvest this year, but excellent growing conditions recently helped them catch up. In Idaho, we still have about a month or so to catch up, yet we are still estimating a week to 10 days delay in harvest. We continue to prioritize and plan carefully to meet our retail supply needs. New crop red and yellow potatoes will become available in Washington starting next week.”

Will the potato category continue to see this upward trend in demand as the pandemic persists? AndNowUKnow will bring you the answers.

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