Frieda’s Announces Availability of Hatch Chiles; Cindy Sherman Elaborates

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Tue. July 13th, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - I am a firm believer that eating spicy food in the summer helps, whether it be mild heat prickling adding a new sensation to meals or an extra hot bite to bring on the sweat—and I’m inclined to believe Mother Nature agrees! Word from Frieda’s has it that the famous, flavorful, limited-edition Hatch Chile pepper season has started earlier than predicted, so shoppers will soon be clamoring for these popular peppers in stores.

Cindy Sherman, Director of Marketing, Innovation, and Insights, Frieda's“We can’t wait to get our new Hatch Chile pouches into the hands of consumers,” said Cindy Sherman, Director of Marketing, Innovation, and Insights. “When we set out to redesign the pouch, we wanted it to feel friendly and inviting to bring more ‘Hatchlings’ (shoppers new to Hatch Chiles) into the fold.”

Mother Nature herself is known to be a Hatch “Chile Head,” quipped the release, as the warm and sunny weather has brought on the early start of the season. This season’s Hatch chiles will be offered in Frieda’s branded 25-pound case, perfect for side-stack displays. In addition, the peppers can come in the provider’s redesigned 1 and 2 lb retail pouches in mild, medium, and hot heat levels.

Frieda's announced its limited-edition Hatch Chile pepper season has started earlier than predicted, with the peppers getting ready to make their way to retail

The limited-time availability of this special zesty pepper plays into the phenomenon of FOMO—fear of missing out—amongst the younger generation. Research by Eventbrite suggests that when faced with an exclusive item being consumed by their peers, over 60 percent of millennials will experience FOMO and head to stores to purchase an item. And remember, an entire community of Chile Heads waits all year to buy fresh Hatch Chiles so they can roast them and freeze them for year-round use. I can speak from experience, as I personally have some peppers stashed in my freezer myself.

Frieda’s works closely with its certified, authentic growers located in Hatch, New Mexico, to ensure excellent quality and strong supply until the end of the season. The specialty provider received its first few shipments last week and anticipates supply to pick up after the middle of July. As noted in the release, the season is expected to continue through the end of September.

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