Frieda's Launches New Citrus Packages

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Thu. October 29th, 2015 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Frieda’s Specialty Produce is adding some extra flair to citrus retail with new one pound Meyer and Seedless Lemon bags that it says are ready to increase retailers' specialty sales by attracting the consumer eye.

Karen Caplan, President and CEO, Frieda’s Specialty Produce“We see the demand for Meyer Lemons grow every year and we are excited to offer our popular lemon bag in our new branded look,” Karen Caplan, President and CEO of Frieda’s, said in a press release. “One of our retail clients recently switched over to the re-branded Meyer Lemons and saw an immediate increase in movement at the store level.”

The new specialty citrus bags, which uses both a fun, eye-catching design and wordplay like, “Don’t pucker up, we’re sweet,” for Meyer Lemons, this new look seeks to attract both new Meyer consumers and seasoned ones.

“Shoppers are in love with Meyer Lemons—just search Twitter for the #MeyerLemon hashtag and you’ll see these sweeter lemons are quickly becoming the new holiday cooking staple,” Karen added. “It only makes sense to stock your produce departments according to this trend.”

This latest launch is also part of Frieda’s overall brand refresh, which we previously reported earlier this month.

Frieda’s new one-pound Seedless Lemon bag will be ready to ship in early December, and with the early winter months being the peak part of the citrus season, the company said this is the ideal time to add Meyer and Seedless Lemons to in-store holiday displays.

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