Giumarra Begins Third Season of Calypso® Mangos from Australia

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Tue. December 13th, 2016
- by Laura Hillen     

LOS ANGELES, CA – Looking to bring the mango department even further into the forefront of consumer passion, the Giumarra Companies has announced the start of its third season of its exclusive Calypso® Mango variety.

Craig Uchizono, V.P. Southern Hemisphere, Giumarra“We are excited to bring the concept of Australia’s ‘juicy little secret’ to market with this distinct, flavorful mango,” said Craig Uchizono, V.P. Southern Hemisphere for the Giumarra Companies. “The Calypso® Mango has fiber-free flesh and a smaller seed, so there is more fruit for consumers to enjoy in every mango.”

Also known as the B74 variety, Giumarra Southern Hemisphere is bringing its first shipments to the U.S. on December 17 through its partnership with Perfection Fresh Australia. According to a press release, the mango is cultivated in far north Queensland, Australia.

Calypso® Mangos from Australia

The Calypso® Mango is coveted by consumers and retailers for its notable pink to red blush, and warm yellow background when ripe. The variety’s flavor also differentiates it in the produce department for its firm and smooth texture, and sweet and creamy taste.

Kellee Harris, Western Region Business Manager, Giumarra“Once consumers taste the Calypso® Mango, we believe it will become something they ask for by name, especially given its exciting Australian background, limited availability, and great flavor,” stated Kellee Harris, Western Region Business Manager for Giumarra.

Calypso® Mangos are sold in single layer cartons ranging from 11 to 14 count, and will be available through the end of January 2017. The mango variety can be used in a multitude of uses, from fresh consumption to crafted dishes.

Calypso® Mangos from Australia

To help consumers get excited about Calypso® Mango, Giumarra is offering its customers a wide selection of POS materials and recipes to boost sales.

Looking for more Calypso® Mango? Keep your eye on The Snack for an exclusive, in-depth look at all this unique variety has to offer.

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