Giumarra Companies' Megan Schulz Highlights Persimmons

Mon. October 23rd, 2017
- by Brian LaForce     

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY, CA - Megan Schulz, Director of Communications at Giumarra Companies, joined AndNowUKnow from the orchards at MPG Farms in the San Joaquin valley to discuss highlights of the up-and-coming persimmon category. And, she has one question to ask: "Do you Fuyu?"

Megan Schulz, Director of Communications, Giumarra Companies"Sweet, aromatic Fuyu persimmons are harvested in California from September through December," Megan shares in the video. "They are a firm, crunchy fruit almost like an apple. The beautiful orange color is a great addition to your Fall sets."

Fuyu persimmons

Though the category is still considered an exotic item, Megan reminisces about the days when kale was just a garnish, and emphasizes that the produce industry has the power to bring persimmons to the forefront of consumer demand. Megan shares retail tips on how to make persimmons pop in the produce department and power up the category.

Persimmon dish

For more information, go Behind the Greens of Giumarra Companies in the exclusive video, above.

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