Greenlight™ Cloud-Software Works From Grower To Retailer

Mon. May 22nd, 2017 - by Jessica Donnel

BEVERLY, MA - Many food companies still use paper-based procedures or antiquated systems to manage their suppliers and to control the quality of incoming product or raw materials. Without centralized control of data, it is difficult to have insight to the performance of the supply chain, and it is all but impossible to enforce standardization.

Greenlight™ has helped food industry customers to transform the way that they manage their quality, compliance, and traceability agendas across the fresh produce supply chain.

"This cloud-based technology not only keeps our data safe and secure, but it significantly reduces the administrative burden associated with managing this task as all data is held in one location and our key stakeholders are able to access and update it in real time," said Jamie Chambers, Head of Technical at Wealmoor, a UK-based supplier of fresh exotic fruit and specialty vegetables.

Sensitech's Greenlight™ Cloud-Software

"The improved visibility of both supply chain approvals and the expiry of due diligence documentation ensures that we always know the status of our suppliers and supply chains," he added.

Businesses at every point of the supply chain are using Greenlight™ software to gain deeper insight into the performance of their sites, suppliers, and products. Since 2009, Greenlight™ has helped perform over 19 million quality control checks and 60,000 audits. Over 3,300 businesses are participants in the Greenlight™ network.

"We can now instantly generate an inspection report, take pictures on the hand-held device of the produce in question, and send the report straight to the management team and supplier," said Stephen Shields, Technical Manager, Huntapac Produce Ltd. "This instant alert has improved the communication both internally and with our suppliers and has allowed us to identify which areas of the business are working well and which areas need improving."

Greenlight™ is offered by Sensitech as part of its complete range of supply chain visibility solutions. For more than 25 years, leading companies in the food, pharmaceutical, industrial, consumer goods, and other industries have relied on Sensitech to help protect their products—and their bottom lines.

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