Greenyard Logistics Gives Virtual Tour in Behind the Greens Exclusive

Thu. June 25th, 2020 - by Lilian Diep

SWEDESBORO, NJ - Advancement in technology has taken the industry to new heights, and the benefits are priceless. Greenyard Logistics recently shared its Swedesboro, New Jersey, facility with us here at ANUK, and the cutting-edge technology is one you'll want to witness for yourself.

Steve Marinello, Vice President, Greenyard Logistics“Greenyard is unique in its warehouse operations for three major reasons,” said Steve Marinello, Vice President. “One is an appointment system; we know exactly how many people we have working in each hour of the day. Our system then takes that and opens spots for us to put orders in depending on the quantity of pallets we need to load.”

This system allows Greenyard to view a report card on each and every transaction that goes through the facility. The in-house operations management system gives a visual to staff on the work lined up for the day, appointments that have been made, the status of the orders, and live information on the loading process.

Greenyard Logisitics' new packing house boasts cutting-edge technology that takes its operations to the next level

Another reason Greenyard is unique is that it’s process-driven.

“We use [standard operating procedures or] SOPs to use best practices to do the work that we need to do,” Steve continued. “We do it consistently and improve those SOPs over time if things should change.”

Greenyard Logistics’ warehouse operations are unique for three reasons: its appointment system, its process-driven strategies, and its industry knowledge

The last reason is Greenyard’s knowledge. Greenyard operates over 30 distribution centers around the globe and packs an average of 270,000 bags of product a day in its Swedesboro facility. This allows the logistics company to gain more experience and curate a personalized program for customers’ varying needs.

“In addition to powerful product sourcing options, we’re offering customers supply chain solutions,” Steve explained. “We interact with them, creating processes to meet their requirements, listening to their challenges to provide solutions, and using our creativity and passion to make their goals a reality.”

Greenyard Logistics operates over 30 distribution centers around the globe and packs an average of 270,000 bags of product a day in its Swedesboro facility

To find out more about the facility, check out our exclusive video above.

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