Grow Farms' Tommy Wilkins Discusses Sweet Onion Harvest Ahead of Viva Fresh

Mon. April 15th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

DONNA, TX - All eyes are on the Tex-Mex border right now, from political questions to changes in import/export valuations and everything in between, making this perhaps one of the most important times to attend the Viva Fresh Expo.

Kicking off its fifth annual show, the event highlights the products, flavor, even culture of the Tex-Mex Corridor, shining a light on the region and its producers.

Tommy Wilkins, Director of Sales, Grow Farms Texas“We are very excited leading up to Viva Fresh as we start our harvest the week of the show on our Italian Sweet Onions grown right here in the Rio Grande Valley,” Tommy Wilkins, Director of Sales for Grow Farms, Texas, shares with me. “The crop looks awesome with only two weeks before harvest, and we can’t wait to get these beauties in retail—production should run through the month of May.”

Grow Farms operates in multiple states, and its Texas arm serves as a gateway to multiple Mexico products.

“Born out of a family of growers, Grow Farms has positioned itself to help retailers navigate the Tex-Mex corridor,” Tommy says.

Sweet onions are nearly ready to harvest, and production should run through the month of May

This summer, the company will have more than doubled its production out of Central Mexico, offering ample volumes of staples like cucumber and bell peppers through October from Zacatecas-based shade houses. Grow Farms’ mango season, on the other hand, has been in full swing since February, with May on deck to bring better supplies around as the category joins Grow Farms’ sister company Champagne Mango.

“Viva Fresh has been a powerful springboard into the summer sales program as we lay out plans with the retailers Viva Fresh provides. Not only is San Antonio and the J W Marriott a beautiful venue, the show has outperformed all expectations. Our team is very excited to roll out our menu to the rest of the country,” Tommy concludes.

The ribbon gets cut on Thursday, April 25—hope to see you there!

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